Die fortschrittlichsten Therapiemethoden für Ihre Gesundheit - Erweiterte Medizin

Center for Advanced Medicine - Frankfurt am Main

Life Changing Medical Breakthroughs for Your Health

Modernste Diagnostik und innovative Therapie-Konzepte - Erweiterte Medizin

The Probably Most Reliable State-of-the-Art Medical Center in Germany

Center for Advanced Medicine - Frankfurt am Main

Eines der empfehlenswertesten Zentren in Deutschland - Erweiterte Medizin

Unique and International Leading in Integrative Medicine

Center for Advanced Medicine - Frankfurt am Main

Einzigartig und weltweit führend in der integrativen Medizin - Erweiterte Medizin

State-of-the-Art Diagnostics and Innovative Therapy Concepts

Center for Advanced Medicine - Frankfurt am Main

Center for Advanced Medicine

We treat cancer and chronic diseases holistically

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Medicine – combined conventional medicine and complementary medicine for the wellbeing of our patients

The Center for Advanced Medicine specializes in an integrative medical approach for biological cancer therapies, alternative cancer treatments and therapy for chronic diseases such as borreliosis (Lyme disease), arthrosis and other rheumatoid diseases, allergies and food intolerances.

For over 40 years, and with a facility which now occupies more than 1000 square metres, a professional, interdisciplinary team for all medical fields treats and cares for patients with the latest methods of classic conventional medicine, the most effective alternative biological therapies and extensive use of natural healing methods.

The latest technologies in conjunction with scientifically confirmed complementary medical concepts as well as proprietary therapies developed by us in cooperation with experts from an enormous range of technical fields offer new, promising treatment approaches.

Our fundamental objectives are to strengthen the immune system, maintain or improve your quality of life in the context of a disease, minimise the side effects of toxic therapies, improve chances of recovery, and to prolong your life expectancy significantly with effective therapies.

Working together with you, we combine the most effective properties of a range of treatments, and create a suitable therapy concept tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Let us advise you!

Your Center for Advanced Medicine

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Our main focus – the highest level of holistic, integrative medicine for your health.

The Center for Advanced Medicine is among the most widely respected practice clinics in Germany, and is considered one of the world’s leading institutions offering wide-ranging biological concepts in combination with the most promising methods from conventional and complementary medicine and the latest in high-tech medical procedures.

In the following, we present the opinions of a few of our patients!


Frequently asked questions

It goes without saying, we are constantly making every effort to help you as quickly as we can and arrange an appointment for you as soon as possible. Of course, in doing so we also consider your personal ability to travel to us in Frankfurt am Main, and we will deal with the organisational arrangements for you if you are coming from abroad – on this subject, please read our information in the section entitled “Care for International Patients”. We will be glad to hear from you personally by phone or using our contact form.

During the first medical history review, we want to advise you as clearly, efficiently and comprehensively as possible. So we ask that you bring the results of examinations you have already had, and examples of the medications you have taken to date. If these are “dietary supplements” or foreign medications, please bring the packaging with the package inserts as well, since otherwise it is not possible to determine the ingredients straight away, given the enormous variety of preparations available. Using your documentation, we can determine very quickly which diagnostic examinations still have to be conducted and present you with a preliminary therapy concept.

It is not possible to give a general answer to this because a comprehensive diagnosis is the strictly indispensable basis for a personalised therapy plan with the greatest prospects of success. Depending on your prior history, an existing diagnosis (lab work, imaging procedures, etc.), it may be possible to reach a preliminary result immediately, or it may be found that further tests still need to be carried out. However, we have the capabilities to carry out many diagnostic procedures in-house and we cooperate closely with leading laboratories in Germany, so the time frame for establishing a comprehensive diagnosis is still relatively short. So in any case you can expect an overall findings report very quickly.

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