Prostate hyperthermia
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Prostatic hyperthermia

Prostatic hyperthermiaDuring local hyperthermia of the prostate, only this region – limited in area – is overheated. Prostatic hyperthermia treatment is suitable for prostate carcinomas and also for treating benign prostate enlargement. An energy field is set up in the prostate using a catheter which is inserted through the urethra as far as the bladder.

Electromagnetic waves are transmitted into the prostatic tissue via the catheter, releasing warmth and energy. The overheating causes oxygen deficiency in the tumour cells, which in turn leads to overacidification and consequently disrupts the metabolic processes in the cells. In this way, programmed cell death (apoptosis) is induced. The energy delivered also causes the cells to die off. Prostatic hyperthermia is generally well tolerated. Special medications or anaesthesia are not necessary.

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Prostatic hyperthermia – Therapeutic effects

  • Thermal destruction of tumour cells
  • Acid poisoning of malignant tissue
  • Suppression of the repair mechanism
  • Potentiation of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Stimulation of the immune system
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