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The Center for Advanced Medicine is your partner for personalised, holistic therapies

Advanced MedicineThe Center for Advanced Medicine in Frankfurt am Main specialise in holistic, integrative medicine.

For over 40 years, we have been combining the most effective alternative biological therapies of extended medicine and natural healing methods with the latest approaches from conventional medicine. The latest technologies in conjunction with scientifically confirmed complementary medical concepts offer you new, promising treatment approaches adapted to treat you personally and holistically, and able to achieve extraordinary treatment results.

Our main objectives are to strengthen your immune system, maintain or improve your quality of life in the context of a disease, and minimise the side effects and after effects of toxic therapies such as chemotherapies, increase your chances of recovery and prolong your life expectancy with effective therapies.

Working together with you, we combine the most effective properties of a range of holistic treatments and create a personalised therapy concept tailored specifically to you and your needs.

As the German centre for alternative and natural cancer therapies our primary focus is on biological cancer therapy. We systematically and rigorously apply the individual combination of effective, useful conventional medicine and alternative treatment methods. In so doing, we combine various forms of hyperthermia, local and whole body hyperthermia as well as fever therapy, which are organised with other soft cancer therapies individually for our patients according to a precise, personalised therapy plan.

With these many variants of hyperthermia, our Center for Advanced Medicine is one of the largest, most experienced practitioners in Germany.

As part of the holistic treatment concept, these biological alternative cancer therapies are supplemented with an individual eating regimen, stimulation of the body’s powers of self-healing, immunoactivation and, if applicable, mental training, to embrace the body, mind and spirit.

In our Chronic Diseases department, we use the self-healing powers of Nature and the body, supporting them with hyperthermia or also fever as well as detoxification and deacidification. In all cases, a precise diagnosis is prepared beforehand using our proprietary Weakpoint Analysis System, which has proven invaluable for managing a truly personal therapy.

Our objective at the Center for Advanced Medicine is unequivocal: To restore your health.

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