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Regeneration therapies

We give the body help to help itself

Regeneration therapiesAs we described in our item entitled “The 7 pillars“, the essential principle of the Center for Advanced Medicine is not to support and treat our patients only in terms of their symptoms, but most importantly with regard to the underlying causes of their disease.

Because an aspect of medical information that is unfortunately overlooked all too often in today’s society is the fact that the human body already has many natural, immanent regeneration and repair mechanisms of its own. At any given moment, our organism is made up of something over about 100 billion cells which cooperate and communicate with each other, every one of us inhabits a finely tuned, high-performance total system which is able to carry out a number of tasks and adjustments simultaneously within milliseconds that no computer today comes close to matching.

So it is no exaggeration to talk about the “human marvel” regardless which school of scientific thought you subscribe to. Just imagine: Our organism replaces between ten and 50 million body cells every second! To do this, it uses the famed “stem cells” to create new cells for skin, blood or organs, for example. Our liver and bone are constantly recreating themselves, which means that the liver of a 40-year-old person is really no more than a couple of months old, to put it in simple terms.

But even the regenerative powers of the human marvel have their limits: With assistance, our bodies can sometimes be overwhelmed by the enormous number of influences to which they are exposed, whether arising from our modern environment, triggered by genetic factors or a physical or psychological imbalance.

This is where our regeneration therapies are beneficial, helping your organism to “help itself” in order to mobilise the body’s own powers and, where necessary, reactivate them. Our broad range of options for revitalisation and regeneration and above all activating the immunological control system of the human body are core areas of expertise at the Center for Advanced Medicine.

Various infusion and treatment forms help particularly to treat chronic diseases selectively and specifically.

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