Example case 2
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Example case 2

Breast cancer with metastases

Female patient, age 30

The young, Dutch patient was stunned when she learned of her breast cancer diagnosis in February 2007. She underwent the advised therapy regimen immediately:
Breast operation followed by chemotherapy.

The results of the examinations carried out before and after the operation were devastating:
Although the tumour in the healthy tissue itself had been removed successfully, all of the 17 lymph nodes that were removed at the same time were already infected with tumour cells.
The cancer had evidently spread through her body very quickly.
Follow-up treatment with chemotherapy and after June 2007 also with herceptin proceeded according to schedule.

Bone metastases were detected in the spine for the first time during the monitoring examinations at the conclusion of the conventional medical treatment in June 2008.
The treating oncologists in Holland were able to do nothing more than recommend palliative radiation of the bone foci.
They reported that there was no longer any prospect of recovery or stasis.

But the 30-year-old woman was not about to give up.
She and her family and friends joined forces in the search for other treatment methods.
Finally, she made her way to the Center for Advanced Medicine.
Here, the patient was informed in detail about the various options for integrative tumour therapy.
Together with her doctors, she decided to undergo a combination treatment programme which included hyperthermia and insulin-potentiated therapy (IPT) among other treatments.

The treatment was tolerated very well, and her ability to combat the disease after all, initially strengthened by her improved mental attitude upon learning of the options available, was soon reinforced further by her markedly improved physical condition.

In April 2009, a monitoring PET scan was performed, with a result that was encouraging and astonishing in equal measure: all of the sites in the vertebrae described previously were no longer detectable, and furthermore there was no sign of any tumour activity anywhere in her body.

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