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The 7 pillars of Advanced Medicine

The 7 pillars - Advanced MedicineAdvanced Medicine is composed of a special combination of tried and long-established methods. Its first aim is to find the body’s weak points in an investigation of causes, not just to treat symptoms. It relies primarily on a holistic approach. Advanced Medicine combines the tradition of natural healing with modern conventional medicine. This curative system includes seven fundamental healing principles which are inspired by observation of health and sickness, and incorporate the latest scientific methods.

Pillar I – Most important: First do no harm!

Disease can be a useful process for the organism. Medical methods can support, but they can also have the opposite effect. Methods which suppress the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes can often be harmful. With Advanced Medicine, the doctor intends to and can avoid harmful methods.

Pillar II – Find and treat the causes

Disease never occurs without a cause. The underlying causes must be discovered and eliminated so that the patient can recover fully from a disease. The symptoms are an expression of the body’s need to heal, restore balance and regenerate, but they are very often not the actual cause of the disease.
The causes can be many and various. The doctor who works according to the principles of Advanced Medicine investigates the underlying causes in all directions and on all levels. As far as possible, he directs the treatment at the root causes instead of running the risk of only curing the symptomatic expressions of the disease.

Pillar III – Heal the whole person

Health and sickness are different states of the organism which affect each other reciprocally in a complicated dependency involving many factors. The Advanced Medicine doctor takes all factors into consideration and treats the patient as a whole entity. Harmony in the interplay of all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects is important for restoration, and should be considered in its entirety for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment.

Pillar IV – The doctor as guide

The cooperative relationship between patient and doctor has immense curative value.
The doctor demonstrates to the patient compassionately and personally how the patient can begin the journey of recovery with the help of Advanced Medicine and the support of the doctor.

Pillar V – Prevention is the best way to preserve your health

The ultimate goal of all healthcare is to avoid diseases. The Advanced Medicine doctor also strives to achieve this by instructing the patient in healthy living habits. He carries out a weakpoint analysis and evaluates the risk factors that are triggered by the patient’s particular life circumstances. He shows the patient the best way with the accompanying applications. In general: It is better and safer to cultivate health than to combat disease.

Pillar VI – Use the healing powers of Nature

The body has its own primordial ability to create, maintain and even restore health, because it is replete with regeneration and repair mechanisms. Nature heals with its own life preserving force. The doctor’s role consists in identifying this process and removing the possible barriers which are preventing the body from restoring its own health. Of course, there are exceptions to this as well, in which the doctor must have recourse to conventional medicine, for example in emergencies (essential surgery, bacterial infections or the like).

Pillar VII – Activate the self-healing forces

The doctor prompts the patient to take responsibility for his own health. He supports the patient, motivates and encourages the patient’s own will to heal. Accordingly, the applied healing process sometimes also includes deliberately provoking symptoms which may in fact be the expression of the body’s self-healing force. Our treatment methods supplement and support this self-healing force, thus creating a health-promoting synergy.

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