Arthrosis – Pain-free living thanks to Photodynamic Laser Therapy (PDT) and autologous serum

The joint disease arthrosis, also called periarthritis humeroscapularis, osteoarthritis or joint wear, is the most widespread non-inflammatory joint disease known, and affects about 80 percent of people over the age of 50.
It is caused by transforming and degenerative processes in cartilage and bone tissue, and affects mainly the hands, the hips and the knees. Our body is endowed with many regeneration and repair programmes of its own, and if degenerative processes begin it creates new cartilage and bone tissue itself, which may give rise to inflammations of the skin around the joint and swollen joints, which in turn can cause severe pain and limit mobility.
Arthroses are typically treated symptomatically with painkillers and quite a number of patients receive artificial knee and hip joints.
But such drastic interventions in the organism and the chronic pain and limitations many patients have to put up with in their daily lives after the operation are often unnecessary.

Arthrosis treatment at the Center for Advanced Medicine:

Photodynamic Laser Therapy (PDT) in combination with autologous serum from the patient’s own blood

Photodynamic Laser Therapy (PDT) enables treatment of joint arthroses. This alleviates the pain, improves the movement process and promotes muscle development – on this subject, see: Photodynamic Laser Therapy.

Special recovery of autologous serum from the patient’s blood

Human blood contains growth factors and also proteins, whose healing and regeneration powers are used to treat joint arthroses. The aim of our autologous serum injection is to use the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of these substances to bring about pain reduction and regeneration in the damaged joints. With our new, innovative technology we can treat degenerative diseases and inflammatory processes within a very short time.

A small quantity of the patient’s blood is drawn. Using our technology and a special processing method, we recover an inflammation inhibiting serum with autologous immune proteins and high concentration of cytokine and growth factors from the patient’s blood. This autologous serum is then delivered into or onto the joint concerned. The effectiveness of the individual immune proteins has been investigated scientifically, with the following result: Autologous immune proteins and growth factors have both causal and effective action.

In conjunction with subsequent Photodynamic Laser Therapy (PDT) the result of treatment can be significantly enhanced further.

Application areas include:

  • Arthrosis of the knee joint
  • Arthrosis of the hip joint
  • Arthrosis of the ankle joint
  • Chronic shoulder syndromes
  • Bunions
  • Chronic polyarthritis

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