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Testing of cytostatics

With the chemosensitivity test, we find out which therapy is best for you.

Testing of cytostaticsDo you want to know the best medication for targeted, personalised treatment of your tumour? With a chemosensitivity test you will learn which medication is most effective for you!


You are due to undergo chemotherapy, and this is causing you a great deal of mental and physical stress. Often, chemotherapies are not able to heal a cancer disease, and a risk-benefit analysis must be prepared carefully for such a stressful therapy. This is why it is essential to test the cytostatics, in order to ensure that your treatment evokes the optimal response.


For many years, Dr. Fritz Wosegien searched for a method which could be used to reliably test tumour cells from a small biopsy for chemosensitivity in respect of various chemotherapy agents and also natural substances. This method was sufficiently well developed by 2004, and has been applied successfully ever since. Because of advancing age, Dr. Wosegien has left the laboratory, so we have adopted his methodology at the Center for Advanced Medicine. With the results obtained from this chemosensitivity test, we can offer the patients significantly better chances of success with a targeted, individually tested therapy.

Anti-chemogram, summary of the many advantages of chemo-agent testing:

  • A test is carried out before the chemotherapy to determine which chemotherapeutic agents or natural substance will kill cancer cells most effectively in your case.
  • Testing includes not only the substances recommended in the generally observed guidelines, but also those from complementary medicine, such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), selenium and artemisin.
  • The use of the tested substances from complementary medicine results in little to no side effects.
  • The effect of individual substances may be enhanced substantially if they are taken in a combination.
  • The substances may all be used for treatment in the individual remedy attempt.


Living tumour cells are exposed in vitro (in a test tube) to various chemotherapeutic agents and biological anti-cancer agents. After a few days, we can judge from the numbers of surviving cells which medication will inhibit and bring about the death of your tumour cells most effectively. This testing of cytostatics helps you and us to reach a decision on the selection of the right treatment substance.
Thus, medications that are resistant and ineffective against your tumour can be excluded.
Testing of cytostatics is a recognised procedure which has proven helpful for many different tumour types.

The main aim is to optimise the upcoming chemotherapy. This enables us to avoid unnecessary side effects of chemotherapies and predict tumour resistances with almost 100% certainty. Analytical tumour testing has proven effective over the course of many years in the case of tumours such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and other tumour types.

Please bear in mind that living tumour cells are needed in order to be able to test the cytostatics. You must decide whether you want us to conduct this procedure in good time before an operation. We can also carry out the testing using metastatic tissue.
In favourable cases, tissue can be drawn in a fine needle biopsy.

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