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An even acid-alkali balance is one of the most important foundations for our health.

Deacidification An even acid-alkali balance is one of the most important foundations for our health.
Our organism is constantly regulating the balance between acids and bases in our blood and tissues.
However, this depends on the person being both physically and mentally exposed to substances and situations that at least mostly allow the body to perform its physiological function of adjusting the acid-base balance.
Unfortunately, this is seldom the case nowadays:
Our diet is becoming more and more “acid”, which means we consume far too much denaturised, industrially prepared food (this includes sugar in particular), we drink water with excessive nitrate content, breathe polluted air, and we take far too little exercise.
Contamination with environmental toxins, heavy metals and poisons in textiles, building materials, etc. is everywhere.

For example, our bodies contain over five hundred times more lead than they did a hundred years ago!
Our burden of mercury, aluminium, arsenic, nickel, cadmium and many other metals has also risen dramatically.

And on top of this, stress, conflict and worry also contribute to hyperacidity.
When the acid burden in the organism becomes too great, it stores acids in the blood and the extracellular spaces in the tissue of the organs. This is how extracellular hyperacidity comes to be.

When this interim storage strategy is not enough, the body resorts to making deposits on the cells.
These intracellular deposits are fatal. A backlog of acid builds up in the cells, which are then no longer able to carry out their various chemical reactions.

We feel and suffer the consequences in the form of many diseases:
Allergies, ADHD, chronic complaints of all kinds, arteriosclerosis, neurodermatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, behavioural and/or developmental disorders in children, gastrointestinal diseases, migraine, all kinds of skin disorders, depression, overweight, cellulite, vascular diseases, arthritis, diabetes mellitus, fibromyalgias, potency and fertility disorders, and not least cardiovascular diseases and cancer are often the causal consequence of the progressive poisoning of our bodies.

The relationship between hyperacidity and cancers As long ago as last century, the German Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg (1883-1970) demonstrated that cancer can develop precisely in an acidic, oxygen-poor environment, because degenerated – that is to say tumorous – cells need practically no oxygen, while health cells depend on it.

At our Center for Advanced Medicine, we perform specific, personalised deacidification by various means. Freedom from hyperacidity by deacidification helps your body to regulate itself again, relieve the burden on the organism in the event of disease, and in the best possible case, to prevent disease from occurring in the first place (prophylaxis).

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