Our infusion therapies for cancers and chronic diseases

InfusionsWith an infusion, a fluid (solution) is introduced directly into the blood.
The quantity and composition of this fluid vary in each case according to the desired effect.
Infusions are particularly effective because specific nutrients and micronutrients can only be administered in low doses in capsule or tablet form, and in some cases the organism is barely able to absorb any of the substances in this form (bioavailability).

By contrast, with infusions it is possible to deliver larger and yet extremely precise doses. In this way we can guarantee that the desired substances are taken up and processed directly and precisely as intended by the body, and we can achieve faster therapeutic successes and an effective improvement in your state of health.

From your laboratory values, we identify the weakpoints of your organism and address them specifically with infusions. We complement our holistic therapies with various infusions, some of which we prepare in our own on-site laboratories for you individually.

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