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Example case 3

Breast cancer with metastases

Patient, female, age 49

I am a 49-year-old woman. I am married and have three children aged from 8 to 19 years. I am a professional drama teacher.

I developed breast cancer in May 2014, and metastases were discovered in my bones shortly thereafter.
After a major course of chemo I began anti-hormone therapy. The tumour in my breast was removed in early 2015.

In August 2015 I heard about the Practice for Advance Medicine. At that time I was feeling generally unwell.
I was often tired and my bones were painful. The metastases had also multiplied.
By this time, my lungs, liver and lymph nodes were also infected. The pain in my left knee was also so severe that I could no longer put weight on it. Also pain in the left shoulder. I had practically no movement in the whole arm. Except that the tumour had been removed from my breast, until that point I had not experienced any improvement in my condition. Regarding therapy, I relied on the anti-hormone drug Exemestan.

Then I began a course of treatment at the Center for Advanced Medicine in Frankfurt am Main. For three months, I received various infusions on three days a week and local hyperthermia once or twice a week.
The infusions worked systemically. The local hyperthermia was directed mainly at my back, that is to say my spine. There were several metastases there, some were osseous.

The next CT scan was performed at the beginning of December. This revealed that some of the metastases in the spine had become ossified. The metastases in lung had disappeared and those in the liver were constant or had grown slightly larger. On the other hand, new foci were found in my left knee and shoulder, and in my head. Although these may have been there already.

Overall, in this period of almost three months I was doing very well. I was able to maintain my family life.
I had much more energy and my bones were less painful. I believe that the ossification in my spine was due to the hyperthermia. The regression in my lungs and liver can also be attributed to my treatment at Center for Advanced Medicine.

Now I still visit the centre once a week for infusion and local hyperthermia. I would like to go there for treatment much more often.

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