New groundbreaking therapy for cancer patients: extracorporeal hyperthermia perfusion (EHP®)

New groundbreaking therapy for cancer patients: extracorporeal hyperthermia perfusion (EHP®)

The EHP procedure supports and relieves patients during and after chemotherapy, reduces physical stress and massively strengthens the immune system.

In orthodox medicine, cancers are usually treated with surgery and radiation, but most often with chemotherapy. The aim of chemotherapy is to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and to eliminate them. To achieve this, medicine uses so-called cytostatic drugs (Greek: cyto = cell, static = stop). These are toxic, chemical substances that are intended to stop the development and proliferation of fast-growing cells. The well-known problem is that not only cancer cells, but also many other healthy cells are subject to a rapid division process. These include, for example, blood cells, follicle cells (hair) or the cells of the gastrointestinal system. Like all cells of the organism, these cells are also reached by chemotherapeutic drugs, because the cytostatic drugs are usually administered into the body in the form of an infusion. This means that chemotherapy works according to the watering can principle and affects both degenerate and healthy cells equally. A selection is not possible. This causes the dreaded and extremely painful side and after-effects such as nausea, vomiting, pain, fatigue, hair loss, anaemia and many more. The body is, unfortunately and naturally, poisoned, the immune system is down, the human being is weakened in its entirety.

Extracorporeal hyperthermia perfusion (EHP®) can relieve the stress of chemotherapy in one step and protect the organism.

EHP is a new therapeutic procedure that for the first time combines different, scientifically recognized forms of treatment successfully used in conventional medicine: Extracorporeal hyperthermia perfusion combines hyperthermia (artificial fever generation), different types of blood purification (hemoperfusion and apheresis) and increasing the oxygen supply in the bloodstream (oxyvenation) in a single procedure. The aim is to free the body as quickly and efficiently as possible from the burden of chemotherapy. This is because EHP enables the residues of cytostatic drugs, their by-products, cancer cells still circulating in the blood, etc., to be filtered out of the bloodstream, thus enabling the organism to be properly cleansed. As a result, the immune system is recalibrated and activated and can resume its own work at full strength.

EHP: Hyperthermia, apheresis/hemoperfusion and oxyvenation in one procedure.

A core component of EHP is hyperthermia. But unlike classical hyperthermia, the patient’s body is not heated from the outside – as is usually the case with hyperthermia. Instead, the patient’s blood is drained from the body via a vein port, heated and purified using a special technique. It is then enriched with high doses of medical oxygen and returned to the organism. With EHP hyperthermia, the body experiences the therapeutic effect of heat from within and not just from the outside on the surface. In addition, the blood, purified in the apheresis process and provided with the highest oxygen saturation, reaches the smallest capillaries and deep into the tissue. In this way, EHP removes the residues of chemotherapeutic substances, tumour cells and cancer cells still circulating in the bloodstream as if in fast motion. By relieving the organism, the body’s own immune system is once again able to act freely and activate the self-healing powers that play a decisive role in cancer therapy.

The provider of EHP® is the “Centre for Advanced Medicine” in Frankfurt am Main.

Extracorporeal hyperthermia perfusion (EHP) is currently still offered exclusively at the Center for Advanced Medicine in Frankfurt am Main, where it has also been developed in recent years. In the meantime, many hundreds of patients have been successfully treated and the procedure has been confirmed by a renowned university hospital. Technical publications on this subject will follow shortly. Accordingly, doctors and developers are preparing the dissemination of EHP in other clinics and practices from spring 2020, which are already waiting to use the procedure.

Further information on extracorporeal hyperthermia perfusion can be found on this website at and on our overview page

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